Malachi tries to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of his disastrous 30th birthday party while Ade takes bold steps towards freeing himself from inner conflict. Now that Dre is back for his money and his lamp, will Journee make it out alive?

Episode Playlist:

“Bent Hella” by TeaMarrr
Written by TeaMarrr and Kareem James
Produced by Rilla Force

“Lil Boy Blue” by King Leo Bakari (feat. Willard Hill.)
Written by Leo Breckenridge & Willard Hill
Produced by Tilson Zinamon II

“Beautiful” by Kyle Shedrick

“Breath” by Arin Maya (feat. Ben Tyree)

“All I Have” by Drew Anthuny

“More Love” by Ashly Williams
Written by Kareem James and Ashly Williams
Produced by The Ntwrk

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